Prompted Journals

Our new Prompted™ Journals are designed to help practice self-awareness and gain insight into the things that matter most. With thought-provoking questions, inspiring quotes, and engaging activities, these journals make the journey of self-exploration enjoyable and stress-free.

Customer reviews of Gratitude Prompted Journal
I love this journal. We live in a fast pace society. Everything is all systems-GO. This journal allows you the space to slow down and turn inward. I think it's great for anyone who’s trying to take better care of their mental, emotional and physical health! I would recommend it!
— Heather T.
This is an amazing gratitude journal. Every page is new and prompts a lot of variety in thought. It’s exciting stuff for any person who is open to guided journaling. I have at least five other gratitude journals and would definitely recommend this one based on the others I’ve got!
— L
Customer reviews of Happiness Prompted Journal
This is a great journal and I like that it’s not set up in a linear format so I can pick which pages to write on each day depending on my mood. It’s a great reminder to focus on the happy aspects of life which can get lost in the shuffle sometimes. I like the reminders of all the happy things I can focus on and even the bright yellow color of the book brightens my mood.
— Andrea F.
These journals are so much fun! Every page is different. You can start from the beginning and work towards the end, or bounce around. The pages are nice and thick and high quality. If you find journaling a challenge because you’re not sure where to start, these are definitely for you!
— Mandy A.
Customer reviews of Inspiration Prompted Journal
I was pleasantly pleased with this journal. It’s really thought provoking. It’s simple enough that you can use it daily or maybe 1-2 times a week when you have down time. You could also use it before bed to focus on positive things. I really like the journal and would recommend it to anyone looking to start a journaling practice. It hits on inspiration.
— Heather T.
This journal works really well as part of a multi-faceted system of developing your consciousness and creativity as an artist. It helps you tap into your sources of inspiration and understand what motivates you. It’s beautiful, laid out well, and highly giftable. I’m impressed with the quality of insights it provides!
— Casca G.