Infomania Family

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If you could get a new pet tomorrow, what would it be? Would you rather give up social media, TV, movies, or music for a week? Which food would you like to have a permanent pass from eating?

This set of questions combines our love for really amazing, sometimes wacky, information with our passion for fun, family conversations. The back of each card holds an infographic of a fact or statistic, and the front has a conversation starter question related to that statistic. You can talk about the questions. You can talk about the statistics. It’s two great games in one!

Award-Winner: Product of the Year, Creative Child Magazine

Bonus Content: Infographics

Events: Family Dinner, Family Mealtime, Everyday Conversations, Family Game Night, Childrens Party Activity, Classroom Activity, Class Icebreakers

Ideal For: Families With School-Age Children


Age 10+
Measurements 4 x 4 x 4 Inch
Packaging Clear Plastic Cube
Number of question cards 135
Ships to the 48 contiguous United States

Over 3 Million Sold

#1 Best-selling Conversation Starters

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