Inspiration Prompted™ Journal

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Infuse some inspiration and creativity into your routine

The Inspiration Prompted™ Journal features inspirational biographies, uplifting quotations, motivating questions, and thought-provoking activities. This 192-page deluxe journal will encourage you to unleash your creativity and zest for life. Boost productivity, improve memory, and increase your sense of well-being while journaling at your own pace—it’s a winning formula for positive self-awareness!


  • TableTopics® questions
  • Biographies and quotes from prominent people
  • 29 activities
  • Ribbon placeholder
Cover Silk-textured finish, flexibound to lay flat
Measurements 6 x 8.5 inches
Pages 192
Paper Stationery quality paper, ideal for writing
Ships to the 48 contiguous United States

Increase Creative Thinking

Reduce Stress

Improve Relationships

Gain Confidence

Increase Productivity

Become More Self-Aware

What’s Inside

  • Engaging questions from the TableTopics® collection, plus new questions
  • Biographies and quotes from a wide range of outstanding individuals
  • 29 activities to exercise your imagination and creativity
  • Pages at the back to write quotes that inspire you, your creative ideas, and anything else that comes to mind as you journal

How to Use

  • Open up to any page and answer the questions that resonate with you at the moment
  • Be receptive to whatever comes to mind when you read each question
  • Exercise your imagination, do some daydreaming, reflect on how you spend your time, and explore your memories and emotions through the activities
  • Read about Mary Anning, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall, Harry Houdini, Frida Kahlo, Mae Jemison, Paul Newman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Diana Ross, Taylor Swift, Greta Thunberg, Virginia Woolf, Malala Yousafzai, and many more!

Benefits of Inspiration

Some of the benefits linked to inspiration are increased creativity, productivity, engagement, confidence, and well-being.

It is an innate human trait to model ourselves after others—looking for inspiration in others’ actions is instinctive. It allows us to see different perspectives and experience things we may not have experienced before.

We researched many inspirational people to bring you biographies and quotations from truly outstanding individuals from a range of different backgrounds and time periods. They have made contributions in all kinds of areas including fine arts, business, technology, film, television, music, sports, philanthropy, human rights, space exploration, science, politics and more.

What is TableTopics?

TableTopics® are fun conversation starters for any and every occasion. Our thought-provoking questions have helped millions of people spark engaging, meaningful conversations. Each themed conversation starter set and Prompted™ Journal is full of questions you would have never thought to ask, and the best part is that you’ll get to know your friends, family, and even yourself better. So, skip the small talk — enjoy connecting through great conversation.

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