Happiness Prompted™ Journal

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A helping hand on your happiness journey

Scientists agree that journaling can increase positive thinking and enhance your sense of well-being. So, go ahead and boost your mood with the new Happiness Prompted™ Journal, and get that positive self-talk down in writing. Featuring 192 sunny yellow pages and a ribbon bookmark, this cheerful journal includes positive quotations, helpful tips, playful activities, and thought-provoking questions to help you identify what really makes you happy.


  • TableTopics® questions
  • Tips for cultivating happiness
  • Quotes to inspire and motivate
  • 28 activities
  • Ribbon placeholder
Cover Silk-textured finish, flexibound to lay flat
Measurements 6 x 8.5 inches
Pages 192
Paper Stationery quality paper, ideal for writing
Ships to the 48 contiguous United States

Increase Positive Thinking

Reduce Stress

Improve Relationships

Strengthen Immunity

Get Better Sleep

Become More Self-Aware

What’s Inside

  • Engaging questions from the TableTopics® collection, plus new questions
  • Tips to help you cultivate happiness
  • Meaningful quotes for inspiration
  • 28 activities to up your level of happiness today and in the future
  • A happiness reading list
  • A satin ribbon placeholder

How to Use

  • Turn to any page and answer the questions that resonate with you at the moment
  • Be receptive to whatever comes to mind when you read each question and allow yourself to write your truth
  • Explore the activities to help turn negatives into positives, notice what brings you joy, and learn some practices that can help for a long time to come

Happiness is a Journey

We researched many approaches to happiness to bring you the questions, tips, quotations, and activities in this journal. The happiness tips range from little things you can change in your day to day, to new activities to try, to whole new ways of thinking. They are a collection of recommendations we found during our research.

The questions in this journal help you explore how you feel about the tips, discover which happiness practices and beliefs are already a part of your life, and think about what ideas you may want to try incorporating into your life.

What is TableTopics?

TableTopics® are fun conversation starters for any and every occasion. Our thought-provoking questions have helped millions of people spark engaging, meaningful conversations. Each themed conversation starter set and Prompted™ Journal is full of questions you would have never thought to ask, and the best part is that you’ll get to know your friends, family, and even yourself better. So, skip the small talk — enjoy connecting through great conversation.

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