Pop Culture Conversation Pack

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What’s your favorite ‘70s TV theme song? What was the most embarrassing piece of ‘80s clothing you owned? Were you more awestruck by Jurassic Park or Terminator?

Talk about the times that inspired your generation. The music, the movies, the fashion, the tech. Connect Gen X with Gen Y and you get… lots of laughs and great conversation!

Each boxed set comes with three TableTopics® To Go:

Disco was king, shag carpet was a thing, and Farrah’s hair was everywhere.
Dive into topics inspired by the decade that put the “pop” in Pop Culture (and, the pad in shoulder pads! Sorry... couldn’t resist.)
“As if” we could forget what made the ’90s so “fly!” Talk about movies, music, and moments that make the Y2K era so memorable.


Events: Hanging Out, Parties, Throwback Events, Retro Theme Parties, Decade Theme Nights

Ideal For: Adults, Parents, In-Laws

Age 12+
Measurements 3.25 x 3.25 x 3.25 Inch
Packaging Boxed Set of Three Clear Plastic Slipcases
Number of question cards 120
Ships to the 48 contiguous United States

Over 3 Million Sold

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