A smart host knows that having great conversation at a dinner party is just as important as serving good food. Here are a few effortless ways to make sure the conversation sparkles even more than your best silver!

Tip #1: TableTopics are a Great Dinner Party Game for Adults

As you set the table, place one question card on each guest’s plate or at their place setting. Once everyone is seated, start off the conversation by reading your question aloud and giving an answer. Then let your guests “chime in” with their answer to your question. Encourage another guest to read their question aloud and give an answer and away you go!

You might want to try our Dinner Party Conversation Starters set especially if your guests are just getting to know one another. If you’re looking for a party game for friends that know each other well, you might want to try Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party. This conversation starter deck has some spicy conversation topics that may be the perfect conversation starter questions for your group of close friends. Both the Dinner Party conversation starter set and Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party conversation starters are excellent dinner party games for adults.

Another fun way to use TableTopics is to place one of our table topic decks in the center of the table, right next to the salt and pepper shakers. You can start the conversation off by pulling a random conversation starter question card, reading the question out loud, and answering it yourself. Others at the table will naturally join in by giving their own answer or commenting on yours.

Or if you’re busy in the kitchen, encourage your guests to grab one of the question cards and start playing. You can say “talk amongst yourselves” and really mean it! It’s a great way for them to entertain themselves while you’re putting the finishing touches on the meal. Our Original Conversation Starter Question set is the perfect ice-breaker to get your guests talking.

Tip #2: Use Place Cards and TableTopics Conversation Starter Card

Use place cards to strategically seat your guests at the table. Place each person next to someone they will enjoy talking with. Select a question that you think fits each guest best and is sure to engage them. Put each guest’s handpicked question card next to their place card on the table. This will give them a fun conversation topic to share with other guests and encourage the kind of table talk that all great dinner parties need.

The place cards make it easy for the everyone to find their place at the table. The conversation starter question cards will encourage all to join in on the fun. You’ll be creating a welcoming atmosphere and make sure the conversation, and your dinner party are a huge success!

Tip #3: TableTopics make the best host and hostess gifts

Are you the guest and not the host? Our conversation starters are a gift that will surprise and delight both your host and your fellow dinner party guests. Bring a set to your next event and you’ll be the most favorite guest of all! TableTopics are a great gift and will be most appreciated by any host.

While all of our conversation starter sets make great gifts, there are a few sets that would be especially appropriate for a dinner party. Original, Dinner Party, Savor, and Cocktail are all fantastic for sparking great dinner party conversation.

August 15, 2023
Tags: Dinner Party