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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“We love the Family and Infomania Family sets, my 6 & 8 year olds love these at meal time! My 6 year old is a new reader and especially loves taking charge with these :)”
— Maria S. (Family & Infomania Family)
Customer reviews
“Got the quiet folks talking
Kept the talkers listening
No wrong answers”
— Hostess M. (Do-It-Yourself Therapy)
Customer reviews
“I bought these for my team to kick-off staff meetings and they always spark interesting conversations while being respectful of boundaries. Gone are the days of coming up with your own thought provoking questions!”
— Alex V. (Best Things Ever)
Customer reviews
“I used to run out of things to keep the party alive until I saw this at a restaurant. I knew I had to have it because it helps you think of questions to try to break the ice when your mind blanks. Highly recommend!”
— Lewis W. (Original)
Customer reviews
“The perfect set for anyone who loves adventure and travel. These questions get me in a travel state of mind and have me remembering fun adventures and ready for the next adventure. I can’t wait to plan my next trip.”
— Melissa L. (Destination Anywhere)
Customer reviews
“I have pre-teen kiddos and dinner conversations had gotten pretty dull lately. I bought these cards hoping to spark some conversation and it WORKS! We pass the cards around and everyone gets to ask one every meal. We have had some wonderful conversations and the kids are engaging with parents again! HUGE WIN!”
— Morgan P. (Kids Conversation Pack)


Playing TableTopics® Original is a fantastic way to foster connections among diverse groups of people. Whether you’re with friends, acquaintances, parents, in-laws, distant relatives, or coworkers, these questions help break the ice and create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can participate and feel included.

What is TableTopics?

TableTopics® are fun conversation starters for any and every occasion. Our thought-provoking questions have helped millions of people spark engaging, meaningful conversations. Each themed conversation starter set and Prompted™ Journal is full of questions you would have never thought to ask, and the best part is that you’ll get to know your friends, family, and even yourself better. So, skip the small talk — enjoy connecting through great conversation.

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